• Wood
    Nature provides us this nice and ecological material.
    Man optimize its use with engineered wood.
  • Heat
    We all need it in our habitat.
    The most efficient way to enjoy it is using floor heating systems with heating foil.
  • Water
    Source of life but, at the same time origin of destruction.
    Nanocrystallization defends us from their harmful effects.

SOLRADIANTUnderfloor Heating

SOLRADIANT offers an installation service of Cecatherm underfloor heating. This system not only provides warmth, but also regulates the temperature loss in the human body to ensure maximum comfort.

SOLRADIANTTechnological Wood

In SOLRADIANT we work to provide quality and durable products that respect the environment. So we choose Visendum engineered wood as an alternative to traditional wood or other materials for outdoor spaces.


In SOLRADIANT, we apply a new generation of 100% natural waterproofing materials that respect the environment.