A heating system that emits heat through the floor surface and directly to the bodies in the room.

The direct transmission of heat to the human body allows a regulation of its temperature, achieving a physiological-thermal well-being. For this reason, it is the best option for all types of winters, both from the south and the north.

Another advantage of radiant heating is less heat loss from walls, ceilings or floors. This leads to significant energy savings.

It is an invisible, silent and natural method, capable of providing 24 hours of comfort. The ambient temperature it offers is homogeneous throughout the space. The energy is adjusted to the most immediate thermal needs of the home.

We are committed to achieving maximum reduction of pollutant emissions, so we offer an ecological and environmentally friendly system.

In addition, this method favours the esthetic of the space, being free of heat emitting devices that condition the decoration. Underfloor heating is available for all types of pavements.


  • Moderate and controlled temperature.
  • Thermo-acoustic insulation.
  • Independent room thermostats per zone.
  • Use of the esthetic space.
  • No odours, noise, combustion or vapours.
  • It does not influence the relative humidity of the air.
  • Without maintenance.
  • Homogeneous heat distribution.
  • Maximum performance. Programmed regulation.
  • Installation under any pavement.
  • Quick application and without works.
  • Does not use toxic or flammable products.
  • It incorporates thermostats and temperature limiters.
  • It does not need maintenance.
  • Uses clean energy.
  • It does not produce fumes nor does it pollute.
  • Does not remove dust.


GRUPO SOLRADIANT, has several types of heating sheets, with which we can meet all types of applications. It can be used in built homes, new buildings, renovations and rehabilitations, schools and nurseries, geriatrics and clinics, shops and offices, hotels, churches, outdoor spaces, terrariums, greenhouses and anti-fog mirrors.