In GRUPO SOLRADIANT, we work to offer you a quality and durable product, which in turn respects the environment. That's why we chose Visendum technological wood as an alternative to traditional wood or other materials for outdoor spaces.


Technological wood is an innovative, sustainable and economic solution. It is the best alternative to certified tropical woods and chemically treated woods for outdoor use.

Visendum is a microcomposite of recycled pine and oak wood obtained from forest cleaning. The compound contains a polymeric matrix of wood resin that protects it from external aggressions such as water, sun, ice, snow, fungi or termites.

This production process contributes to reducing tree felling, avoids climate change, requires little energy and does not pollute.

The technological wood can have the shape, the texture and the color that is desired, allowing this way a great variety of products, totally recyclable.

This product does not require any maintenance. It is rot-proof, durable, safe, practical, aesthetic and sustainable.

La madera tecnológica puede tener la forma, la textura y el color que se desee, permitiendo así una gran variedad de productos, totalmente reciclables.

Este producto no necesita ningún mantenimiento. Es imputrescible, duradero, seguro, práctico, estético y sostenible.


  • No maintenance. No application of oils or varnishes.
  • No deformation. No splintering.
  • Resistant to termites, lignivorous fungi and fire.
  • It does not slip in wet, nor with the barefoot.
  • Suitable for floors with a high level of use.
  • Ideal for high mountains and continental climate. Does not splinter.
  • Wide range of colours and complements to measure.
  • Resists the passage of time without blackening.
  • Does not lose color, resists water and ultraviolet radiation from the sun.
  • Clean and fast installation.
  • Wide range of colours, shapes and textures.
  • Sustainable, versatile and recyclable. Does not pollute.
  • Does not contain any toxic products.


VISENDUM has many utilities. It can be applied to terraces, swimming pools, gardens, stairs, viewpoints, pontoons, marinas, enclosures, fences, urban furniture, facade cladding and public areas.